Myers Jackson_America’s Auctioneer


Myers Jackson_America’s Auctioneer is an Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate. He holds a Certified Estate Specialist Designation, a member of Certified Auctioneer Institute. America’s Auctioneer specializes in property sales and is an Auction Technology Specialist. Myers Jackson_America’s Auctioneer has advanced training in search engine optimization and superb marketing skills. This training integrated with social media applications allows buyers and sellers to access highly visible results. Myers Jackson_America’s Auctioneer is licensed in New York, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Indiana.

Myers Jackson_America’s Auctioneer Real Estate Broker, Texas Real Estate Agent, Discovery Auctioneer, DIY Auctioneer on ” Texas Flip and Move” . I enjoy photography, travel and meeting new people. I help others sell their property including real estate, personal and business property. While I am working for these fine folks I get out my camera and start taking it all in one frame at a time.

Myers Jackson Real Estate Broker: AL, FL, GA, MS, NY, OK, NM, KY, TN, KS, PA, CT. Myers Jackson Licensed Texas Real Estate Agent 698695. Myers Jackson_ Licensed Auctioneer: Florida AB3428-AU2726, Georgia AU003046, Mississippi, 1302-1303F, Louisiana AU1805, South Carolina AU4313, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania AU5771, VA AU004173, TX AU17057, Kentucky RP3306, Tennessee AU6671, North Carolina, 9339-9331