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Reality TV Auctioneers, HGTV, DIY, GAC, history in the making

reality tv auctioneer Reality TV Auctioneers are now plunging into the airwaves with the chant that amazes all who love auctions. Even if you have never been to an auction you can see Reality TV Auctioneers, HGTV, DIY, GAC, History in the making on these and other channels. Television is still a large part of the entertainment sector with 24/7 showings for reality TV. Auctioneers are now playing a huge roll because they have the ability to do the real thing, great actors are paid to act, but great auctioneers are paid to do what they do best and that is sell property, cars, real estate, homes and every thing else from coon dogs to diamonds. Acting on television is a part of our life and many entertainers have played the parts, keeping all of us laughing and talking about what happen while being in suspense of what might happen next. Reality is that without specialized training and some good experience just acting alone will not be enough to understand the dynamics of an Auctioneer with reality. Auctioneers practice, promote and place their ethical training into effect each time we are called into action.

TV Auctioneers on HGTV, DIY, GAC are making history in television world with more and more shows being aired about the remodeling of homes and selling property at auction. The process to auction is just not a made up script…real life happens during the auction and the real auctioneers have to respond accordingly. Being able to think quickly and react to many different circumstances that may come up at any auction. My name is Myers Jackson and I am the Auctioneer on Texas Flip and Move, this is a reality TV show based in Fort Worth, Texas. The show featured three house movers that are quite good at what they do, they buy free standing homes and then they remodel and sell those homes at auction, only after picking the house up from its foundation and giving it new life at another location. Now after all that is said and done is when they sell the house and yes an Auctioneer is called in to make it happen with a rhythmic chant and called the numbers loud and clear.

So what is it about Reality TV Auctioneers, well the plain and simple is that no matter what the circumstance a well-created scenario and a opportunity to display how the auction process works auctioneers such as myself, takes to the airwaves and shows millions of folks how it happens. The reality is that there are lessons to be learned each time something is sold with or without the TV on. At any auction you may have hecklers, bidders who do not pay, someone scared to scratch their nose and many other potential mishaps, but more often than not most bidders are there to but property with good intentions.

reality tv auctions  Things to look for if you are a bidder are normally laid out in the terms and conditions; the auctioneer announces the rules of engagement prior to the sale. Such as inspections and buying the property in as is condition. I coined the phrase “ you are buying this house as is – where is with any and all faults…even if there is an alligator in the attic”. The purpose of that announcement and all others that are similar is that is a way of telling all bidders to look before they buy and if you buy and there is something unexpected…well it’s the new buyers problem to deal with.

Now I have always heard that you must take the good with the bad. Now in many auctions there are treasures that are uncovered after many years of laying in wait. Now if you bought something at auction for 10 dollars and found out later it was worth a million “ would you give it up for the same price you bought it” probably not. You cast your bid and received some good fortune in return that is all good and fair play. Just remember the same counts if you buy a house and find a buffalo tied to the toilet.

I cannot speak for all Reality TV Auctioneers, however I can speak for myself in saying that with every circumstance there is a teaching opportunity. With each action that speaks about reserve or absolute auctions, or if a seller makes or loses money, or you buy it and it breaks into pieces reality is that you must understand the rules of engagement prior to bidding and buying. Reality is that you may be able to learn something from the show that you are watching; you make be able to take that knowledge to any auction down the street and then put to use your best skills and navigate the reality of auctions.

Not all Auctioneers are the same, just as not all doctors are the same. There are many specialties that auctioneers attend to. Look for an Auctioneer that subscribes to a code of ethics and are members of State Auctioneer Associations and the National Auctioneers Association. Most of these Auctioneers have advanced training, excellent education and the willingness to thrive to be better. I hope this information about Reality TV Auctioneers was helpful and I hope you will be watching another episode in the near future.

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This Post:Reality TV Auctioneers, HGTV, DIY, GAC, history in the making

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Myers Jackson USVET.FUNDThis Post: Reality TV Auctioneers, HGTV, DIY, GAC, history in the making

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